Slimming World Pancakes!

I love pancakes! It’s ridiculous to me that they should be confined to being eaten one day a year. When looking at this recipe which I found online I figured they wouldn’t taste like pancakes, but just like a sweet omelette. However, I was wrong! These pancakes are really tasty and genuinely taste like pancakes. It may have helped that I served them up real pancake style with bananas, blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup (for a few syns!), but these really felt like a treat breakfast. They used to be classes as syn -free but the recent changes to the syn value of sweetener would make these 3 syns in total.

If you’re not a fan of sweetener or are looking for something with a lower syn value then check out my half syn pancake recipe:

Ingredients (makes 2 pancakes)

  • 6 tbsp sweetener
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  • Fry Light


  1. Separate the egg yolk and egg white into separate bowls
  2. Add 3 tbsp of sweetener to the egg white. Using an electric mixer, whisk up the egg white until it makes stiff peaks
  3. Add the vanilla extract and the rest of the sweetener to the egg yolk and mix well.
  4. Fold the egg yolk into the egg white mixture
  5. Spray a pan with Fry Light and pour half the mixture into the pan. After a few minutes flip the pancake over,
  6. Take the pancake out a few minutes later, and repeat the cooking process with the rest of the mixture.
  7. Serve them up with your favourite pancake topping and enjoy!

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57 thoughts on “Slimming World Pancakes!

  1. Wow these pancakes are great and have no syns!, even my little boy said “it’s yummy can we have them tomorrow ” thanks Kerry .

  2. Tasted of chemical sweetener (used Canderel). Not like a real pancake at all!! A tip about cooking them, you need to spread the mixture very thin across the whole pan. The fist one I tried I just poured the mixture into the middle and it didn’t work at all. The second one was passable with plenty of banana to mask the taste of sweetener but probably not that good for you with all the chemicals in it..

    • Hi Amy,
      These pancakes are never going to be exactly like a real pancake, they’re a fat free slimming world version so there has to be a compromise! If normal pancakes were syn free I would be a very happy lady! I used Splenda and was pleased with the result so it’s a shame if you weren’t satisfied with them.

    me eat every day
    thanks for the recipie gal xx

  4. I naughtily tweaked so synned
    I added blueberry to mix.
    Cooked on very low
    Struggled to turn
    But they we’re good ;-)
    Only 1tbsp sweetener here but I had with fat free Greek yoghurt
    Thank you
    I’ll try with banana next

  5. just tried them when i was on the verge of pigging out on crisps!!!
    so easy to make they were gorgeous topped with sliced bananas <3 thanx

    • Arlene,
      These pancakes don’t include any mashed banana so they are syn free.

      I understand that there is a mashed banana version which wouldn’t be syn free as the process of mashing/cooking fruit can result in them having a syn value.

  6. Being star week I’ve been really struggling- until I found this, they are sweet and lovely, really hit the spot, thanks for stopping me from eating them crisps and going the shop for chocolate

  7. Just made these as I was craving pancakes. Love the vanilla taste. I’m not doing SW but am using my fitness pal and would need to put the calories in. Any idea on what this recipe would be? X

    • Also your eggs won’t go into stiff peaks unless your whisk is completely grease free. Sometimes no matter how many times you wash the whisk it can still be greasy. The best method is to rub a bit of vinegar over the blades. You can’t taste the vinegar when you cook the eggs. I do this every time I make a Pavlova and it works every time!


  8. Tried both these and the SW ‘magic pancakes’ which use hexb portion of rolled oats, eggs, sweetener and Muller light. These, to me, still tasted like a strange sweet omelette. Although I’m sure if piled high with fruits and yogurt etc would be… Okay. The magic pancakes on the other hand are DELICIOUS just on their own, and with toppings as well are just like regular pancakes. So basically, it’s worth using your hexb to have genuine pancakes instead of sweet eggs!

  9. I we surprised how good they taste. I did find the sweetener a bit overpowering, so might try again but with less sweetener, or cut it with a squeeze of lemon juice. Thanks for giving me the confidence to try them….I expected a sweet omelette too.

  10. Just found this recipe and made them. Fantastic. Really hit the spot. I put total 0% yoghurt,strawberries and blueberries. Yum yum.

    Totally syn free. Fan

  11. Wowie, so pleased that I came across these recipe!! These are absolutely fantastic, and really hit the spot. I made 4 small drop pancakes with my mixture and layered them up with bananas, plums and grapes and then drizzled a couple of teaspoons of golden syrup over the top for a few syns. Tasted just like I was eating pancakes (I was sceptical that they wouldn’t) and wow wow wow.

    I can already tell that these are going to become a regular in our house. Thank you so much for sharing!! :) xx

  12. Hi tried these for my tea. tasted delicious but mixture so thick it wouldnt spread then couldn’t get it out of pan without falling apart and crumbling into bits. What am I doing wrong?. I thought maybe I’m whisking egg whites too much. please help x

    • Hi, it does create quite a light mixture and they don’t ‘pour’ onto the pan as such. I’d suggest it’s better to have a smaller circumference pancake than to try and spread the mixture too far or they could break apart a little. I find gently spreading and teasing the mix out in the pan is the best way to spread, but they should be quite thick/deep in the pan, rather than thin like a traditional pancake mix as they do have a lot of air in them. Hope this helps!

  13. These did not work at all for me :( spent ages trying to make them only to not spread out evenly at all and disintegrate in the pan. Very dissapointed

    • Sorry to hear that Sarah, they are quite a light mixture and they don’t ‘pour’ onto the pan as such. I’d suggest it’s better to have a smaller circumference pancake than to try and spread the mixture too far or they could break apart a little.

  14. WOW! These taste great on their own! I love real pancakes big time and these are very good, not that filling but hits the sweet spot! Will try with some crispy bacon and maple syprup soon. Thanks.

  15. Is this correct, 6 tablespoons of sugar (english measurements) ? I tried this recipe but just got a heap of burnt sweetner, surely it should be teaspoons?

    • Hi Jackie, the standard recipe calls for 6 tablespoons but this can be adjusted based on personal preference for taste. Not sure why your mixture would have turned out this way.

  16. I love these, my mum does slimming world and I’m gluten free so this is a good alternative for making pancakes without flour or oats which are expensive as I need GF

  17. Just tried these tonight and my partner was very wary, but they were absoluthey gorgeous and we have some calorie free pancake syrup with them, yum, yum .thankyou for sharing

  18. I tried these with my daughter-Inlaw Emma OMG!! How surprised was I they were yummy I really enjoyed them so much I asked for the recipe, any other tips pass them on please???

  19. I have these but squeeze lemon juice on the as the pancake is sweet itself – tastes like lemon and sugar topping! I also cut up a banana with them!

  20. I tried these this morning and it was an epic fail! The mixture appeared to be really thick and not of a consistency that would pour so I tried to add a bit of water and it just didn’t work at all! Also think my pan was too big so I gave up in the end. I may buy a small omelette pan and give them another go!

    • I’m so sorry these didn’t turn out well for you. The mixture is very thick so it doesn’t pour so well, the egg whites hold the mixture together quite strongly. A small pan you can tip the mix into and then spread out would work much better than a big pan.

  21. Loved these, at slimming world for 3 weeks and this is the first thing I’ve eaten that has given me that satisfyingly sweet feeling. Was wary about the sweeter but chopped a banana on top and a load of muller lite toffee yoghurt. Yum yum. Wanted to have another lot straight after. Gorgeous.

  22. I was also sceptical when I read the ingredients, thinking it would be a sweet omelette. I am willing to give them a go though, can they be made like American style pancakes?

    • Not sure what you mean? The batter is thicker than American style pancakes due to the whisked egg white so it doesn’t ‘run’ the same way.

  23. Hi….i dont get long enough to make these fresh in the morn….do you think it would work if I mixed the batter the night before and put it in fridge? How many small pancakes would it make? (I will be using a pan that is just big enough to do one fried egg at a time) thanks

    • Hi, I don’t think this would work as the mixture wouldn’t retain the air that you put in when you whisk the whites. You can give it a try but I don’t think they would come out right unfortunately. Probably best to keep this one for mornings when you have a little time!

  24. Hi, iv just tried this as got in from work early and was staving but didn’t want too much as tea will be in a few hours.

    They were really fluffy what I imagine clouds to taste like haha added lemon to one and a little spoon of Nutella to the other very nice just went to quickly! Thanks for sharing the idea x

  25. Well can I just say a HUGE thank you! I absolutely loved these.
    I used a piping bag cut to make a wide hole, this helped me control the speed of the pour and the shape. I also put in less vanilla and used stevia too, tasted great. Thank you so much. Looking forward to trying it with cinnamon!

  26. Just saw these shared on our SW group – I know the recipe is a few years old now but these are no longer syn free – latest SW book has tablespoons of sweetner at 1/2 syn each, so these are now 3 syns – still well worth it! :-)

    • Thanks for your comment, you’re totally right, I need to update the post as it’s a couple of years old. I actually have a new and VERY exciting 0.5 syn pancake recipe to post so I need to get on that asap! :)

  27. These were yummy!! I’m not great usually with new things but I’m trying really hard this time to stick with the plan. So when I reached breaking point this evening I really needed something to satisfy my sugar cravings. I got two aesthetically pleasing pancakes which tasted just as good as they looked. Ok they definitely didn’t taste the same as normal pancakes but I’ve had worse served to me in a restaurant. I’m not sure why but mine were not as thin as I expected. They were quite fluffy and thick actually. I loved the hint of vanilla and I put a small drizzle of honey, a dollop of squinty can cream and a few strawberries. And wow! Thanks so much for posting this.

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