Slimming World!

After somewhat of an indulgent Christmas I am now trying to be very healthy to lose a few pounds before I get married in April! I have tried Weight Watchers in the past, but felt like I needed to try something new to get motivated and get a bit of a new lease of weight loss life.

I found that Weight Watchers could be a bit limiting and I would spend a lot of time feeling quite hungry, so I was ready to step over to the dark side and give Slimming World a try. I have a few friends at work who swore by SW and seemed to be having real success. What appealed to me was that so many food groups seemed to be ‘free’ and there is no need to weigh out foods when cooking which can make things seem harder work.

I’ve officially been joined for 2 weeks now, and have my first weigh in tomorrow night so fingers crossed for a loss! I’ve found it difficult to work out how SW works as so many of the foods which are free were high in points on WW, but I think what it boils down to is that the SW plan is just so low in fat, so that if you focus your diet on the free and ‘super’ free foods you’re barely consuming any fat.

Unfortunately, being on a diet somewhat limits baking opportunities, therefore I am going to (temporarily) switch the focus of my blog posts to share some of the slimming world recipes which I particularly enjoy. I have found it’s such an easy eating plan, so I hope people enjoy the recipes that I post!

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