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I’m a lover of baking and cooking, and if I’m honest generally just enjoying food and drink! I am always somewhat torn between a love of baking and sweet treats and trying to eat healthily and not pile on the pounds (which can be an unwanted side effect of being a cake lover). Due to this you’ll see that while posting recipes for some lovely cakes, I will also throw in some healthier bakes and meal recipes which I have tried in my attempt to justify the cake consumption!

I am a wife and a Mummy to a 2 year old boy, trying to juggle a busy job 4 days a week and wrangling a toddler the rest of the time. I’ve found it much more difficult to squeeze in the time for baking since becoming a Mum, but that means when I am able to spend some time in the kitchen it feels like a real treat to get some ‘me’ time!

I’m also the Organiser for the Cheshire South branch of Clandestine Cake Club. I was a member of the Bolton branch when we lived in Lancashire and when we relocated to Cheshire I volunteered as organiser for the Nantwich club to get it up and running again and to meet some new like minded people in our new local area. I┬ácan’t recommend these clubs enough to anyone who has an interest in baking. It’s been a great experience for me and I’ve met loads of lovely people through the club.

It’s quite hard to decide what else to put on here, as I don’t know what information people would want to know about me (or if they’d want to know anything at all!) so if you want to know anything else, please just ask!


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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jen,
    Great to meet you, thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Looks like you are off to a good start with yours, what fantastic cupcakes!!!
    Seems like we have lots in common, baking and growing, CCC and I do try to squeeze in a bit of reading between everything else.
    Looking forward to more of your baking,
    Catherine x

  2. Hi Catherine I’m Adam’s mum (Jacqui Medlicott’s boyfriend) They have both been telling me to take a look at you website so here I am! I bought a bundt tin today so going to try your blueberry recipe Keep up the good work xx

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for your comment and for checking out the blog! I’m Jen, (but there is a Catherine in Jacqui’s office too so easy confusion!)
      Jacqui is always telling me about your great bakes so keep it up! I’m really getting into bundts now so will be posting a few more recipes if you keep an eye on here! They’re so easy and very tasty! Come back and let me know how you get on with the recipe, I’d love to hear!
      Take care!
      Jen x

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