Half syn Slimming World Pancakes

Fluffy American pancakes are my absolute favourite, I think I could honestly eat stacks of them for breakfast every morning and never get sick of them. My goal over the last few years has to be find a substitute for these which are Slimming World friendly so you can legitimately eat them every day and not feel guilty!

After much painstaking research and pancake sampling (such a chore!) here it is, the holy grail of pancake recipes, fully Slimming world friendly, only half a syn for the portion easy peasy to make and absolutely DELICIOUS and satisfying! What’s even better is that they as SP friendly so you can have these on an SP day, using one of your 2 healthy Bs.

The half a syn comes from the teaspoon of baking powder, you can make the pancakes syn free by omitting the baking powder, however, I find that the baking powder makes them perfectly light & fluffy, exactly what you want these pancakes to be. So for just half a syn, it’s totally worth including it in the mixture. There are some other versions of this recipe I tried which use yoghurt instead of the quark which are also pretty good, I personally prefer them with the quark, it gives them a taste of buttermilk type pancakes which are so tasty!

This recipe makes around 6-8 scotch pancake sized pancakes.


-        40g Oats (Healthy B allowance or 6 syns if not using as healthy B)

-        2 eggs

-        2 heaped tbsp quark

-        1 tsp baking powder (0.5 syn)

-        A few drops of vanilla extract (or an alternative flavouring/extract of your choice)

-        Frylite to cook. I like these with the coconut frylite.


1.        Blitz the oats in a nutribullet/blender to make a fine powder. This is not essential but makes the mixture much smoother and more like a traditional pancake.

2.        Add the other ingredients and blitz again/mix thoroughly to make a batter.

3.        Heat a frying pan and spray with frylite.

4.        Add small quantities to the pan to make small drop scone/scotch pancake size pancakes. Cook for a few minutes, when small bubbles begin to appear on the surface, flip them over and cook for a few minutes on the other side. Once cooked on both sides I tend to put the cooked ones on a plate in the oven on low to keep warm while I cook the remainder of the batch.

5.        Serve as a stack with fat free yoghurt or quark with fruit and a drizzle of whatever you fancy!

The Baking Bad Wedding…

So, it’s been quite a while since my last blog post. In the time since then I have got married and been on an amazing Honeymoon to America & Mexico. After Christmas in the run up to the wedding I did very little baking as I was trying to be very good so I didn’t have any last minute ‘The dress won’t fit’ panics, and let’s face it, when you bake, you have to sample the produce, so it was just safer to stay out of the pantry and away from the recipe books!

As a baker who has a particular interest and passion for baking cupcakes, I was sure that I wanted a cupcake tower for my wedding cake. Finding a supplier for this turned out to be a total nightmare as I had extremely high standards as I begrudged spending hundreds of pounds on something I felt that I could do a good job of myself. I dragged my poor husband to be around many cupcake shops to sample the goods (oh he has a tough life!), and eventually I was overjoyed to find the perfect little cupcake shop that makes gorgeous light sponge & perfectly balanced creamy butter cream (without being too sickly!)

The Yummy Cupcake Company, (http://www.yummycupcake.co.uk/) based in Lancaster is such a cute little coffee shop and we felt particularly drawn to their cupcakes as we got engaged in Lancaster (having met there years ago at university) and the morning after our engagement in December 2011, we went into the little Saturday market that runs in Lancaster centre, and picked up some cupcakes from the Yummy Cupcake Company’s market stall, and proceeded to devour them in our hotel’s lobby with a pot of tea by a lovely roaring fireplace!

From the outset Jen at Yummy Cupcake was brilliant, and was able to show us some great designs that they had done for cupcake towers in the past, however I was pretty set on what we wanted to match with our blue & white polka dot theme, and Jen was really accommodating and the end result was just spot on what we were looking for! Below are some pictures of our fantastic cupcake tower of chocolate & vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and a top tier cake of chocolate sponge with vanilla butter cream & white chocolate cigarillos!

The cake topper was from a lovely little website http://www.misscake.co.uk/. I wanted a personalised cake topper to tie in with the design of our stationary which was focused around our names. They produce so many different personalised cake and cupcake topper designs in many colours and are so reasonably priced! I was so impressed with the quality of the product and Sarah at Miss Cake was really helpful in sending us a selection of pictures to help us pick the perfect shade of blue to suit our scheme! What’s lovely is that we now have a great keepsake from our wedding day that we can use again!

For our wedding favours I was keen to have something that tied in with my love of baking, so we wanted something edible. Yummy Cupcake Company were able to produce tasty chocolate brownies & Rocky road bars for us which we used as our favours which went down really well. There certainly were not any left on the tables after the wedding breakfast as they were all gobbled up pronto by our guests!

We had such an incredible day, all the hours of planning and imagining our dream wedding paid off and it really was an amazing day, everything came together so perfectly. We were so lucky that everything ran smoothly and as a result we can look back on it all and not feel sad that it’s over, but be happy and look forward to the future. Plus, one major bonus is now I can get back to guilt free baking, so hopefully many more regular posts to come now wedding planning isn’t taking up all my free time!

I need to give a quick shout out to and thanks to our Photographer Tim Emmerton http://www.lancashireweddingphotography.co.uk/ as I’ve used his photos for this post. I cannot recommend him enough if you know of anyone getting married in the North West area. From our first meeting we found Tim so approachable and friendly and knew he was the guy for us. All through the process he was great, and on the day he wasn’t an ‘in your face’ photographer, in fact many of our guests commented on the fact that he went unnoticed, and as a result we have so many natural shots of all our friends and family. Tim also went above and beyond for us, even rushing our to locate my husband’s car with his keys to grab some gifts for our guests out of the boot while we were otherwise occupied. Generally a great guy and a fantastic photographer!

Hello world!

So, this is my first post in the Blogging world. I enjoy reading some other blogs on baking and so I figured that I would give it a go myself. It’s a hobby that I’ve got into over the last few years, and I love trying new recipes and experimenting with different decorating techniques and I find it useful reading other people’s experiences, tips and tricks so hopefully there may be a few like minded folks who may be interested in seeing what I get up to with my baking antics!

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while, and toyed with a few names, none which seemed quite right. My Fiancé and I are big TV fans and watch a number of different shows. When settling down to watch the first episode of Season 5 of ‘Breaking Bad’ one of our particular favourites about a straight laced high school chemistry teacher who goes off the rails and ‘breaks bad’, turning to manufacturing crystal meth to pay his bills, I joked that ‘Baking Bad’ would be a good blog name, and so here we are!

I’ve uploaded a few pics of some of my previous creations in the kitchen. I particularly like making Cupcakes, however I have joined the local ‘Clandestine Cake Club’ which I will need to make a cake for each event I attend, so that’s going to give me a regular reason to try different cake recipes each month. I have my first event coming up this weekend which i’m really excited about! I’ll be sure to post some pics!

Jen x